International Council of Anthroposophic Nursing Associations

General Provisions

Art. 1 Name and seat of the International Council

The International Council of Anthroposophic Nursing Associations, hereafter referred to as ICANA, is an association in accordance with Art. 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code and has its seat in Dornach, Switzerland.

Art. 2 Objectives

ICANA aims to:

  1. Develop and promote a dignified nursing practice that provides a balance to technology-dominated, reductionist medical systems.

  2. Coordinate and promote the cooperation between national unions and representatives of Anthroposophic Nursing.

  3. Establish and foster national and international cooperative structures between the healthcare professions and their organizations.

  4. Contribute to shaping the national and international healthcare system.

  5. Develop and disseminate Anthroposophic Nursing practice.

  6. Assure the quality of Anthroposophic Nursing.

  7. Promote science and teaching in the field of Anthroposophic Nursing.

ICANA is politically and denominationally neutral and pursues no commercial aims.

Art. 3 Cooperation

In order to realize its objectives ICANA cooperates with the following organizations:

  1. International Forum for Anthroposophic Nursing of the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, Dornach (IFAN).

  2. All institutions offering Anthroposophic Nursing.

  3. National and international associations and organizations of Anthroposophic Medicine.

  1. Professional nursing associations and organizations.

  2. ICANA can join or enter into contract with other organizations in order to promote its own objectives.

Art. 4 Liability

ICANA is responsible for its own assets and liabilities to third parties. The board of directors and the members of ICANA are not personally liable.

Art. 5 Membership

ICANA membership is open to:

  1. National Anthroposophic Nurses Associations,

  • National professional organization send up to three representatives, who should be board members, to the Members’ Meeting.

  • Each national professional organization has one vote in the Members’ Meeting.

  1. The International Forum for Anthroposophic Nursing (IFAN), represented by the steering group with one vote.

  1. Natural persons from countries where there is no national Anthroposophic Nurses Association that is a member of ICANA.

  • Natural persons have one vote per country.

  • If several natural persons of a country are members, they share one vote. If they cannot agree on their vote, their vote counts as an abstention.

Membership applications must be submitted in writing. Admission is granted by the Members’ Meeting. Admission can be rejected without reasons being stated. A member can be excluded without reasons being stated if the Board of Directors requests this and the Members’ Meeting takes the relevant decision. Resignation from ICANA is possible at the end of the calendar year and requires written notice to the Board. The membership fee is due for the whole year.

Art. 6 Funding

ICANA is funded through:

  1. membership fees

  2. donations, legacies, gifts

Any income ICANA receives is used for statutory purposes only.



Art. 7 Organs

The organs are:

  1. The Members’ Meeting.

  2. The Board of Directors.

  3. The Auditors.

Art. 8 The Members’ Meeting

The Members’ Meeting is the supreme organ of ICANA. The Members’ Meeting is held once a year. The date of the annual Members’ Meeting must be communicated to all members at least three months before it is due to take place. Motions must be submitted to the Board of Directors at least 60 days before the Members’ Meeting. The invitation and agenda must be sent out at least 20 days before the date of the Members’ Meeting (email-notifications are permitted).

Members’ Meetings are chaired by one of the directors.

The Members’ Meeting:

  1. elects the Board of Directors

  2. elects the Auditors

  3. approves the annual reports and the previous meeting

  4. approves the annual budget, the annual accounts and the auditor’s report

  5. discharges the Board of Directors

  6. determines the membership fees

  7. decides on motions submitted by the Board of Directors

  8. decides on motions submitted by the members

  9. decides on amendments to the bylaws

  10. dissolves ICANA

Art. 9 Decisions of the Members’ Meeting

Decisions require the simple majority of the members present, with the exception of the dissolution of ICANA in accordance with Art. 13 and of any amendments of the bylaws in accordance with Art. 8, paragraph h.

Individual members can transfer their vote to other members should they be prevented from attending the Members’ Meeting. This needs to be communicated to the Board of Directors in writing 14 days prior to the Members’ Meeting.

Art. 10 Extraordinary Members’ Meetings

Extraordinary members’ meetings can be convened if requested by at least 50% of members or by the Board of Directors.

Art. 11 Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the Members’ Meeting for a period of three years. The Board of Directors must include the coordinator and members of the steering group of the International Forum for Anthroposophic Nursing (IFAN).

The Board of Directors can be elected en bloc. The Board of Directors is elected when it receives more than 50% of the votes of members present. The Board of Directors must have at least three and not more than five members.

It organizes its own mode of working in accordance with the ICANA bylaws.

Art. 12 Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the power to:

  1. carry out all the activities that serve ICANA’s statutory objectives

  2. represent ICANA toward third parties

  3. prepare and convene the Members’ Meeting

  4. carry out the decisions of the Members’ Meeting

  5. administrate ICANA’s assets

  6. delegate tasks

  7. make decisions in ambiguous cases that are not regulated by the bylaws or laws of another body.

The Board of Directors has the duty:

  1. to ensure cooperation with IFAN

  2. to keep the accounts and prepare the annual financial statements and the budget

  3. to keep minutes of its decisions

The Board of Directors is quorate if at least two thirds of the Board members are present or have submitted their votes in writing.

Art. 13 Decisions of the Board of Directors

Decisions of the Board of Directors require a simple majority of the Board members present.

Art. 14 Auditors

The Members’ Meeting elects an auditor for a period of three years. The auditor does not need to be a member of ICANA. The auditor inspects the bills and accounts, receipts and cash balance. After inspection of the annual financial statement the auditor provides an auditor’s report to the Members’ Meeting, justifying the auditor’s motion for approval or refusal.


Concluding provisions

Art.15 Dissolution of ICANA

The dissolution of ICANA requires a duly convened Members’ Meeting and the approval of three quarters of voting members present.

Should ICANA be dissolved its assets will, in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors, go to Förderstiftung Anthroposophische Medizin in der Schweiz (a not-for-profit Swiss foundation) or to the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, Dornach.

Art. 16 Application

These bylaws come into force on the day of their approval by the founding meeting. ICANA’s first business year will end on 31 August 2015.


Dornach, 15. September 2014